Friday, June 29, 2007

Making up for lost time

I've been so busy working (okay, and playing) that I've fallen behind in my blogging. Hopefully, today I can get caught up. As I mentioned in my last entry, May was a very good month for first experiences. In addition to the day of charter fishing (which produced a boatload, literally, of salmon, steelhead and lake trout), I had my first off road vehicle experience with Sandy Korners Adventure Tours in Mears. It was so much fun, I did it again in June!

We climbed inside the 2007 silver Jeep Rubicons for a day of trekking through the nearby forests. We navigated massive puddles (having just had a big rain the day before the first trip), and maneuvered down gulches (like Buck pictured here). Our guide was owner Jack Warfield, who has been offering tours in the area for 25 years (thus the silver-anniversary colored Jeeps...his wife's idea he admits). If you'd like to check out this tour on your own, lot on to