Monday, August 25, 2008

WHAT'S NEW: August 2008 does one surpass skydiving on the "what's new" list? I'm still flying high afer that experience. Truth be told, I'm half thinking I'd like to do it again!!

This month, I did get to go to a concert for a band I've never seen before. Steely Dan performed at DTE in Clarkston on August 15...and I had the pleasure of enjoying this fine show with a great friend...who happened to be celebrating his birthday the day after! I think I found just as much pleasure in watching him enjoy the show -- given that it is his favorite band (and thus the reason I extended the invitation to go...not knowing at the time that it was is birthday). I admit, I didn't know as many songs as I thought -- given that many of the traditional "top 40" songs weren't played. But it was a warm summer night, sitting on the hillside grass, with good tunes and great company.

Later in the month, I was back in SE Michigan for the Meadowbrook Wine Festival. Another scorcher of a day, it was relaxing to walk between booths sampling wines (including many of my Michigan favorites from Black Star Farms, Chateau Chantal, St. Julian and Fenn Valley). It was a great research trip I gathered ideas for the Grand Rapids International Wine & Food Festival, which is coming up in November.

All and all...a pretty low key month...but like I said, having made a jump out of plane from 2000 feet LAST month, I think I'm entitled.