Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's July (nearly August)

I had SO many new experiences in May, that I took a brief haitus in June (and July, apparently). I'm looking for suggestions here...with August just around the corner. I mean, there were a few little things in June and July (like trying some new wines and foods, reading some new books, touring some new sites/attractions) but nothing that stands out as a truly new experience. Oh, I did Simpsonize myself this weekend (see photo) even though I'm not really a fan of the show (I just thought it would be cool to see what I looked like as a cartoon character). Now that I look at it again, this cartoon Dianna has better hair than I do. Maybe I need to print off the picture and take it in the next time I get my hair cut. Anyway...back to new ideas...I'm open to your recommendations for August. In September, I'll be attending classes at the Epicurean Classic ( and learning a thing or two about cooking and wine (my first cooking class). In October, I'll be harvesting grapes at one of Northwest Michigan's vineyards (or a couple, if given half a chance). November and December are also open for suggestion at this point too.