Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's New -- April 2008

There's SO much to talk about this month...where do I start?

On April 1 -- I ate mussles for the first time. At the new HopCat in downtown Grand Rapids. Not bad...I mean I wouldn't eat them every day, but I'd try them again.'s a BIGGIE...on April 5, I left on spring break for the DC area with my ex-husband and our two teenage kids. Yeah...I know that's CRAZY. But...he was headed to Maryland to visit family...I was headed to DC to visit we figured we'd give it a shot. It actually wasn't too least on the drive out and while we were there (let's just NOT talk about the drive home!!). While we were there, I accumulated several "new" things...

We went to the top of the Washington Monument. This pic of my kids outside is one of my favorites from the entire trip.

I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail (notice the Left Foot Charley hat...that shot is entered in a photo contest at

We went to the site where The Exorcist is set...scary!! While we were walking down the infamous steps...blood dropped from the sky onto the steps. SERIOUSLY!'s right there!! There were like a dozen drops!!

We went to Walton's Mountain (aka Schulyer, Virginia). As a kid...I had a HUGE crush on John Boy Walton and I think he was part of the reason I became a writer. The house that the real John Boy (Earl Hamner) grew up in is undergoing it wasn't to pretty to look at. I did get a small piece of the original foundation off the ground. The museum was pretty neat...lots of history. That's the kitchen...looks just like the TV set!

How's that for a busy April??

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