Friday, June 5, 2009

Something New...June 2009

A bittersweet something new this first my grandmother's estate.

After her passing in November (just days after her 90th birthday), the grandkids were asked to make a list of those items that held personal meaning and depending on value, those items were given to us. Among my treasures were a black cat salt/pepper shaker set, a deck of cards, a six-sided pie tin and several coffee cans full of rocks of all shapes, sizes and colors (which now line the patio of my new sidewalk in my backyard).

On June 4, the items that held more actual value were auctioned off on the lawn outside my grandma's Otsego home. I had my eyes on a few things...most notably, an old typewriter -- which I snagged for $22. I also picked up a rustic table, which now graces my three-season porch; a pair of green shutters, which I turned into a barback type table for my patio; a pair of bamboo-like window blinds, which are now hanging in my garage; and a handful of other trinkets which bring back memories of my childhood at grandma's. Even my kids got involved, picking out items that they were attached to. I guess it was a form of closure. And now, I have all these pieces to remind me of what a great woman my grandmother was.

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Anonymous said...

I’ve read quite a bit of these posts and it seems pretty obvious whats going on. Zach and Kate had sex before marriage and Kate’s mom has been out to ruin Zach since then because of it.

Suzanne, you need to realize that your daughter has a disability that’s pretty serious. Zach really loves your daughter, the chances of another guy really loving your daughter are slim to none.

Right now Suzanne, I think Zach needs you. I don’t know if hes still alive, but I think instead of this fighting and crap Zach needs a hug, and a shoulder to cry on. Yes he messed up, he knows this and I think its why he hurts so much.

For once act like a christian and show him some love. Please stop trying to turn a blind eye to Zach - hes family to you now.