Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm baaaaaack it's been since August, 2011 since I've posted on this blog. Doesn't mean I haven't been out there exploring new things...meeting new people. I guess I've just been so busy doing so that I haven't had time to sit down and actually WRITE about them. New year...back on task!

So...what's new for January 2014?

A couple summers ago, I finally took my first ride on a jet ski - so I figured it was time to give snowmobiling a try. Of course, I picked one of the coldest weeks of the winter (so far) to head out exploring the trails of Benzie and Leelanau County.

When I checked in for my week in Cabin #3 at Sleeping Bear Resort in Lake Ann, I asked owners Randy & Doreen Fosgard if they'd have time during the week to take me out for a few hours and introduce me to this winter activity. They graciously agreed. So, on Friday we set out for a 90-minute ride through winding wooded areas, along groomed trails and zipping down the backsides of many of the area's long-stretching corn fields at increased rates of speed (my favorite part).

We ended up at Kerby's Bar and Grill in Maple City -- a former one room school converted into a pub (and fitness center, go figure). I've always wanted to check this place out - given my fondness for one room schools -- and the fact that we could ride the sleds up and park right outside was a bonus (especially since my face was getting chilled since the wind picked up). A quick bite and we were back on the trails for the quick ride back to Lake Ann. Definitely a fun-filled winter day!

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation: "More than 6,200 miles of designated snowmobile trails are located throughout the state of Michigan forests, three national forests and many acres of privately owned lands. Michigan is one of only three states that offer a large system of interconnected snowmobile trails. Approximately 50% of the snowmobile trail system is located on Private lands; 20% Federal; 25% State; and 5% Other Public. More than 150 grooming tractors are used by more than 65 grant program sponsors to groom the 6,200-mile trail system.”

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