Monday, April 9, 2007

APRIL'S FIRST: Seeing a Broadway Production

Sorry for the delay in getting this one around. Life seemed to take a tailspin for about a month.

So in April, I took my 14 year old daughter to see the musical RENT at the Wharton Center at MSU.

I remember driving home from East Lansing that night thinking how very fleeting life is. How important it is to live for the moment, to love what you do, to be true to yourself and to truly appreciate your friends. I learned that it takes all kinds of people to make life fun and exciting and that each person brings something important to the mix. That each person is brought into our lives to teach us something or for us to teach them something.

I hope my daughter learned that there are dire consequences for decisions she makes in her life now. I hope that she learned that there is no place in the world for discrimination and that everyone deserves love and respect. If nothing else, I hope she learned that mom is okay to hang out with every now and then.

RENT is an amazing show. The story, the music, the message were all so touching. We laughed, we cried and cried some more. Then we bought the T-shirt, the CD (which we listen to quite frequently) and the DVD (which we've watched a couple times). I'd like to see the live version that I'm more familiar with the cast and music. I'm sure I can convince my daughter to join me again as well.

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