Tuesday, May 8, 2007

MAY'S FIRST: Morels and More Morels

Here's the latest "First Experience" blog...May 2007. I spent about 45 minutes last week out searching for morel mushrooms in Northern Michigan in a place I'll refer to as Narnia.

So...with a glass of pear wine from Black Star Farms in one hand and a sack in the other, I began to harvest these fabulous fungi from the wooded floor. First one, then another and another and then dozens and dozens and hundreds and hundreds. It was incredible. My guide for the day (the one who let me fall into the Platte River and who was with me as I burned through my coat on the luge) was busy taking pictures and repeating that he'd never seen so many morels in one spot before. It was beginner's luck I told him -- and I was the lucky one!

It was 3-4 days before we made our way through our massive pile of morels (and yes, we did share with friends). We made a tasty morel bisque (using an incredible pesto that was made from wild ramps we found alongside the morels) and a morel omelette and of course fried morels. My culinary experiences during that week long trip to the Traverse City area were among the best of my life. No wonder I want to move up there some day.

Let's see...any other "new experiences" during the trip? Just some new places like Funistrada in Maple City, The Cabbage Shed in Elberta and Fusion in Frankfort. Oh, and I practiced my vine pruning skills as this up and coming vineyard. The roughest part of the whole week? Getting back to reality on Monday morning!

Another "new experience" is coming later this month...a trip to Silver Lake for a ride along the sand dunes!

Stay tuned for June...any ideas??

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