Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More Vine Action

Back on May 5 (I told you May was a busy month), I planted my first grape vines (remember in late March, I learned how to prune vines?). There were actually a couple days in May and June where I played in the dirt and helped my friend Mark in planting vines in Frankfort (Benzie County). Here I am running an auger (for the first time I might add) as we plant a variety of grape vines which will someday produce award winning wines which we'll enjoy from atop the vineyard as we watch the sunset over Lake Michigan in nearby Frankfort. The vines haven't been my only horticultural experience this year...I've also planted a variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs in a garden at home. My kids say I'm a weed-a-holic, because I can't walk from the front door to the car without first stopping to pick any new pesty weeds that have sprouted. I even have aspirations of redesigning my backyard to include a small pond and a corner flower bed (I've even drafted it out on paper). I'll keep you posted on the progress of both the vineyard and the garden!

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